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Land of Loam is an MTB trail center that came into being during past few years, thanks to hard work and dedication of several local biking communities. It was created by riders- for riders and the trails are rough and natural, therefore quite hard and not suitable for beginners. You can find here many steep, narrow and technical sections, gap jumps and excposed cliffs which require to be careful and inspect the trails before riding. Also make sure your bike is in proper technical condition and ready for shredding! Any faulty or trail damage please report to us- Land of Loam association.

Our trails


Difficulty: very high. Black trail.

Description: fast, downhill trail, top part runs close to high, exposed cliffs, then expect some steep sections and various size gap jumps.

Attention: there is risk of falling from high cliffs which may cause a serious injury. In two points the trail crosses with an uphill trail so please be careful!


Difficulty: high. Red trail.

Description: starts with an off camber section, then gets steep and runs through some rock boulders to finish with some fast, mellow jumps and berms.

Attention: at one point trail crosses a forest road so please be careful!


Difficulty: high. Red trail.

Description: first the trail is fast and quite steep, with some drops and gap jumps, then gets narrow and off camber with steep section at the end.

Attention: at one point trail crosses with an uphill trail so please be careful!

znak 9 uphill SMOL


Difficulty: uphill trail.

Description: some parts are steep or wet.

Attention: it crosses three times with downhill trails, be extremely careful.

The crossings are in high speed sections of  trails so the rule is to give way to people going downhill. It’s people going up who are obligated to make sure noone is coming and the crossing is fully safe.

How to find us?

Where to park a car?

Please leave your car on big parking lot in front of the church in Czarnorzeki. The public road by the trails is very narrow, so we don't want to cause any inconvinience to local residents. Thanks!

About us

The Land of Loam association was created in 2020, to legalise existing here MTB trails, take proper care of them and make sure our beloved local spot is thriving and growing. We are a group of bike addicts, passionate about extreme mountainbiking with a common dream, to create something extraordinary.

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